The Sunflower Quilt

Offered for silent action is a quilt made from the many Sunflower Music Festival T-shirts of our beloved patron, the late Lee Wright.  Seamstress Rymma Kamdybka from the Ukraine, now living in Topeka and setting up an alterations shop, completed the quilt at the request of Lee’s wife, Alice Eberhart-Wright.  It seemed fitting that, since the national flower of Rymma Kandybka’s  homeland is the sunflower that she contribute to this project.  The winning bid will be announced at the final orchestra program on June 24, along with the traditional artwork.  Please see the story behind the quilt below the picture.


It all starts with music. And when we add creativity, artistry, compassion and community, voila, we have the Sunflower Music Festival. And when we add Lee Wright, amazing things happen! In fact, one of the most amazing things that happens every summer in Topeka, Kansas is the gathering of musicians and the community for a week of beautiful music with no admission charge – free to everyone!

Lee Wright was a beautiful light who was a raving fan of this festival. As a talented musician, altruistic community leader, and a creative person with a big heart full of compassion, Lee served on the board of the Sunflower Music Festival. One of the ways he showed his support and dedication to the organization was by wearing his Sunflower Music Festival T-shirt every day. He usually wore another shirt and his signature vest of the top; however, when he dressed for the day he started with a Sunflower Music Festival shirt. He was a walking, talking advertisement for something he deeply believed in.

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