About the
Program Artist

Beverly Dodge Radefeld

With a BFA from Washburn University, Beverly Dodge Radefeld worked as an activity therapist at the renowned Menninger Foundation in Topeka, KS, where she used art as a vehicle to help the healing process. In addition, she ran a small business and volunteered in the community teaching kids and adults many of the art techniques for which she has a deep passion. Early in her career, Beverly found soft sculpture as an outlet to deal with personal grief. Her soft sculpture work has been shown nationwide and throughout England, Ireland and Japan. Twice, her work was selected to ornament the White House Christmas Tree. A few years ago Beverly participated at a plein air retreat, which rekindled her passion for painting. “This really got me excited about the landscape we live in,” she said. “I love the simple shapes of the Flint Hills and the color of the open sky. My oil paintings have been the vehicle for me to express these feelings and have allowed me to capture the movement and colors of the soft sculptures that I enjoy.”

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