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Program Artist

Doug Frye

This year’s art work for the Sunflower Music Festival is acrylic on wood panel cutouts. Cutout paintings use the entire wall as their frame and create a 3-dimensional sensation. In this painting I put colors on the edges to create a visual tension that entices the observer to move back and forth, creating a 4th-dimensional sensation of time.

The sunflower music festival is a major benefit to living in Topeka Kansas. World renowned players descend on the city for a treat that’s unsurpassed and free! I was delighted to learn that I would be designing the 2023 painting and decided to make it one of my cutout pieces using a sunflower and combining it with a musical stem, to signify music raising and supporting the sunflower community for the people of Kansas.

Thanks to the program committee of the sunflower music festival for giving me the chance to add my piece to the musical mix. Come out and support the sunflower music festival in Topeka a major cultural benefit.

Doug Frye May 2023


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