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2022 Guest Jazz Artists

Richetta Manager, Featured Vocalist
Angela Hagenbach, Featured Vocalist
David Basse, Featured Vocalist, Drummer, Commentator
Angela Ward, Music Director

City Light Jazz Orchestra

Richetta Manager, vocalist
Angela Hagenbach, vocalist
David Basse, vocalist
Angela Ward, Music Director

Mike Herrera, lead alto saxophone
Nick Andrews, second alto
David Chael, first tenor
Todd Wilkinson, second tenor
Brett Jackson, baritone

Jason Goudeau, lead trombone
Earlie Braggs, second trombone
Joshua Lampkins, third trombone
Louis Neal, bass trombone

Nate Nall, first trumpet
Lawrence Jackson, second trumpet
Daniel Dissmore, third trumpet
Quin Wallace, fourth trumpet

Wayne Goins, guitar
James Ward, basses
Jaylen Ward, drums & percussion
David Basse, drums & percussion

Anthony Jones, special guest pianist

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