Musicians’ Portal

This page will contain the most up-to-date information for our musicians.

Schedules are first presented separately (orchestra, then chamber), and 
at the bottom of the page is the combined orchestra/chamber calendar.

All information from emails are listed below the calendars by subject and topic.

How to Access Streaming Archives (2021)


Social Schedule 2021


Your Arrival to Sunflower 2021!

Topics include:

Washburn Village Apartments – address and checking in

White Concert Hall – address/location

Musician Registration

Welcome Dinner – Date/time/location

First Rehearsals and Schedules

WiFi network access

Concert Dress Attire


May 29, 2021 Sunflower Music Festival COVID-19 Protocols Update


May 25, 2021 Chamber Repertoire for Sunflower Music Festival

May 21, 2021 SMF Music Available / Orchestra Rehearsal Schedule 


May 17, 2021 SMF General Info and Info Requests

Topics include:

Musician Bios and Photos

First Rehearsal & Arrival

Rehearsal Schedule & Social Events

Repertoire, Assignments, and Chamber Ensemble Communication

Washburn Village Housing

Transportation & Airport Shuttle

Concert Dress Attire