Meet the musicians

Mariya Krastanova

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, Mariya Krastanova embarked on her musical journey at the age of 6. By 7 was accepted into the prestigious “Lubomir Pipkov” National Music School in Sofia under the guidance of Dr. Darin Varbanov.

Moving to Brazil in 2006, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in violin performance at the University of São Paulo, studying under renowned musicians like Cláudio Cruz, Alexandre Casado, and Emmanuelle Baldini. Throughout her career, she have performed as a soloist with esteemed orchestras such as the Ribeirão Preto Symphonic Orchestra. 

As an orchestral musician she made part of various ensembles including the Ribeirão Preto Symphonic Orchestra, Franca Symphonic Orchestra, Orchestra Experimental de Repertório  and many others around Brazil. She also served as a section leader in esteemed orchestras such as the Bahia Symphonic Orchestra and the University Federal of Bahia Symphonic Orchestra.

In the United States, she has played with important orchestras such as Pittsburgh Opera, Pittsburgh Ballet, Wheeling Symphony, Erie Philharmonic, West Virginia Symphony and many others.