Meet the musicians

Alyssa Baljunas

Alyssa Baljunas‘s creative side led her to begin playing the cello in fifth grade. 11 years later, Alyssa is receiving her bachelor’s degree in music performance from Duquesne University, studying with Adam Liu of the Pittsburgh Symphony. Among her favorite musical activities is orchestral playing, and she satisfies this love by playing with regional orchestras around Pennsylvania and Ohio.

As a winner of the 2022 Akron Symphony audition, she is now a full member of this ensemble. Alyssa also enjoys experimenting with other musical styles, such as jazz and improvisation. While these skills are continuing to be sharpened, Alyssa had the privilege of studying these techniques with Crispin Campbell at the 2022 Clazz Music Festival in Tuscany, Italy. Alyssa also composes and arranges pieces for solo cello and other instrumental configurations. This includes arrangements of church hymns and a solo cello piece entitled “Enjoy the Journey”.

Having a strong interest in research, Alyssa is a part of Duquesne University’s Soundwalk collaboration with the Hill District in Pittsburgh, a project organized by Dr. Nicole Vilkner. Upon completing her degree, Alyssa plans to stay in the Pittsburgh area and continue developing her craft as a performer, teacher, composer/arranger, and researcher.